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Can Muslims eat here? Trs klo want to eat here hrus message table first or bsa directly dtg aja?

No pork here

Have you ever met someone who has missed Kohan's message but that person is posting a video wearing a pink shirt (please ask a female employee)

So what?

Can I take the train and then get off at the Sudirman Station, take the busway ???

Yes, can. Up from the Dukuh Atas Transjakarta bus stop near the exit of Sudirman Station

In Kushimusubi Is there an illegal menu or not?

No pork no lard

Good evening, are there still job openings as waiters here?

Just pay or just, don't ask here ... because I don't think it's right

Does the service use Indonesian language

The waiter and his service use Indonesian language, if the customer uses a foreign language, the waiter can handle it and it looks like the manager is native to Japanese

Is this the goresto for Goojek drivers

Yes, this is included in the Gofood partner list

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